What Is Low-Tox?

The low-tox movement is a way of approaching life that prioritises achieving a healthy body, environment, and planet. Toxins can be found in every aspect of our life from beauty and body care products, home cleaning products, cookware, bedding, and laundry. You name it, if it comes into contact with our body, it often contains potentially harmful toxins. 

These toxins can be Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) which can interfere with our body's endocrine system and have many serious impacts including a compromised immune system, respiratory system, metabolic issues and more. These toxins can be found in things like candles, food storage, skincare products, and more. Even more disturbing is that these toxins are so widely used in the commercial industry and are largely unregulated and unrestricted as they are included in very low doses. However, like anything, low doses every day adds up to a large culmination and can have a sizable impact on our bodies and lives.

The CDC has found over 200 man-made chemicals present inside human bodies. Many other scary stats could frighten you into a no-tox mindset. However, that is not the goal of a low-tox lifestyle. It is an enjoyable movement to reduce stress and increase happiness, helping people feel good about their lifestyle while removing the pressure to be perfect. Notice the difference between ‘no-tox’ and ‘low-tox’. In today's world, a no-tox lifestyle is impossible. Pollutants and toxins are simply ever-present on our planet. Accepting this and moving on to what you can control will have you happily transitioning to a low-tox lifestyle. Aside from the obvious advantage of avoiding harmful toxins, there are several more reasons to opt for a low-tox lifestyle:


1. Each Small Change Makes a World of Difference

There are some very simple changes you can make that will be a massive first step on your journey to a low-tox lifestyle. Pick one small change to make every day, or every week, whatever fits into your life. 

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Remove candles and air fresheners from your home
  • Do an inventory of your makeup and beauty products, decide on low-tox alternatives for your next purchases
  • Start filtering your drinking water
  • Switch food containers, including Tupperware, water bottles, bowls, and utensils, to low-tox alternatives


2. Lower Costs 

Part of beginning your journey to a low-tox lifestyle simply means consuming less. Less processed foods in single-use plastics, fewer beauty products, less clothing from fast-fashion brands, less fast-food meals. All of this will very quickly add up to substantial savings. This is a very happy by-product of leading a low-tox lifestyle that will have you hooked from the beginning and motivated to continue making changes. There is something so satisfying about cutting back your consumption and therefore spending, while still having everything you need to enjoy your life. They do say that less is more.


3. Simplify Your Routine

Learning about all of the toxins present in our everyday lives will naturally lead you to cut down your routine and choose to say goodbye to some of your old favourites in favour of a low-tox lifestyle. As sad as it can be to accept that the array of products you have accumulated can be causing you harm, allow yourself to feel refreshed by the new, simplified beauty routine that you can feel guilt-free about. 

EWG Skin Deep is an excellent resource to investigate the ingredients in your products so you can evaluate what is really in your favourite products. No need to learn the complicated names of nasty ingredients, this website is a database that rates each product according to its health and safety and provides a simple explanation of key ingredients.


4. Reap the Health Benefits 

Going low-tox has too many health benefits to list. These range from instant changes to the body such as reduced inflammation of the skin such as psoriasis, dryness, and eczema, to long-term changes such as improved gut health, mental clarity, and balanced hormones.

Most of us have no idea how much the toxins we are consuming every day are impacting our health until we eliminate them. Prepare to feel rejuvenated and newly connected with the wonderful benefits of living in tune with the natural world.


5. Feel Good About Your Environmental Impact

The large number of products we use including beauty products, fast fashion, and single-use plastic including cling wrap and food packaging are some of the biggest culprits for environmental destruction and global warming. There are an estimated 24.4 trillion pieces of microplastic in the world's oceans that will remain there for hundreds of years.

Switching to a low-tox lifestyle and reducing your dependency on these polluting products can lower your environmental footprint and help you feel guilt-free about your everyday choices.


By remembering that every little change helps, you can be on your stress-free way to living a low-tox lifestyle and enjoying the benefits that it entails.

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