As advocates of a clean, plant-based lifestyle, we were frustrated by the lack of suitable vegan collagen options on the market.

We wanted to reap the many benefits of collagen supplementation, without having to drink marine (fish) or bovine (cow) collagen.

So we set about creating the 'glow game-changer' – our own unique, revolutionary collagen supplement made from entirely potent, powerful, plant-based ingredients.

Developed together with a Naturopath, our precise amino acid profile mirrors that of bovine collagen, for maximum benefit.

We are so thrilled with the finished product and we know you will be too. Finally, those of us on plant-based diets can enjoy the myriad of benefits of a daily collagen supplement.


Ingredient integrity was at the forefront when formulating the ELIXAH range.

We knew we wanted not only clean, toxin-free ingredients, but they also had to be powerful enough to deliver real, radical results.

Our unique Vegan Collagen Powder was forumulated in conjuction with a naturopath, to ensure it contains just the right combination of ingredients to achieve firm, smooth, glowing skin and improve hair, nail, joint & gut health.

We are proud to say that all of our products are 100% natural & vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-gmo and contain absolutely no nasties!

See our Ingredient Glossary for more.


When developing the ELIXAH range, we knew we wanted packaging that was not only beautiful and luxurious, but also sustainable.

Both our Vegan Collagen Powder & Serum come in beautiful Miron glass jars. Miron (or violet) glass improves the shelf-life of your product & limits exposure to chemicals found in plastic.

Our jars can be recycled, or re-used. We also offer refill pouches for our Collagen Powder.

We use eco-friendly packing materials to ship your order, and we've opted to forego the use of unnecessary, individual product boxes.

We also ship via 100% carbon neutral couriers.