You may've been seeing the word ‘collagen’ everywhere lately, and wondering what exactly is collagen? Is it just another beauty industry buzzword? We can assure you, there is nothing gimmicky about collagen. It is an organic protein essential to the structure of our bodies, and trust us when we say, there is a reason everyone is scrambling to add it into their routine.


So, What Is Collagen?  

Collagen is the most common structural protein found in all animals, including humans. It creates the framework for our cells and tissues and is found in our bones, muscles, blood, and forms 75% of our skin. It plays an important role in cellular processes including regeneration and repair, and immune response. Essentially, collagen is the building material that keeps our body strong. It enhances our skin's elasticity and bounciness, and our keeps joints moving smoothly.

One unfortunate fact of life is that our bodies stop producing collagen as we age. This is why we see the physical effects of ageing, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as joint pain. From the age of just 20 years old, we begin to lose 1 per cent of our collagen stores each year, meaning that it’s never too early to consider a collagen supplement to keep you feeling healthy and youthful.


Why Take A Collagen Supplement?

It is impossible to completely stop the ageing process that occurs from the loss of collagen. However, by supplementing your body with collagen products, you can experience all the rejuvenating benefits of this protein, and help your body tackle these typical signs of ageing.

This could be through both a supplement and topical skincare product. A collagen supplement such as the ELIXAH Vegan Collagen Beauty Boost Powder promotes smoother, firmer, glowing skin, as well as healthy hair, nails, gut and joints. By incorporating collagen into your life through an oral product, you can reap the benefits through your entire body – from the inside out. A collagen powder supplement can easily be added to a smoothie or drink, meaning no complicated change to your diet to incorporate this wonder ingredient. 

By taking a collagen supplement regularly, you can improve: 

SKIN FEEL & APPEARANCE: Collagen contributes to skin elasticity, meaning it will feel generally bouncier and more youthful looking. There will be visibly fewer wrinkles, as the structural wonder that is collagen is holding away those pesky fine lines. Think firm, smooth, plump skin, with that coveted ‘glowing’ appearance. It will also be more naturally healthy and hydrated. 

In addition to oral supplementation, a serum such as our Vegan Collagen Super Serum can help accelerate these amazing benefits.

JOINT & BONE HEALTH: Collagen is one of the most important structural proteins that keep our bones and joints healthy and pain-free. Especially in women, decreased bone density and joint pain can become a major health issue as we age. Adding collagen can help you keep moving like a well-oiled machine. 

HAIR & NAIL HEALTH & APPEARANCE: Collagen helps hair health by providing the essential amino acids for hair growth while providing the protein which protects it from environmental damage. That means that your hair will be looking long and luscious in no time, while being able to withstand whatever heat tools, pool days and experimental hairstyles you throw at it. The lack of collagen is responsible for nail breakage and brittle nails. When taking a collagen supplement, gone are the days of needing artificial extensions to get the manicure you desire.


Why Choose a Vegan Option? 

Traditionally, collagen supplements are derived from animal sources such as beef or fish. However, now that we know the environmental and ethical concerns around consuming animal products, many of us are opting for vegan options wherever we can. The ELIXAH Vegan Collagen Beauty Boost Powder is designed with powerful, potent, plant-based actives, so you can avoid marine and bovine collagen while still benefiting from the results. 

The unique, amino-acid profile of our powder has been developed by a naturopath to precisely mirror that of traditional collagen sources. So you will reap all the same benefits as animal-based collagen, but it is 100% plant-based. Plus, there are a host of other advanced, anti-ageing actives to deliver the ultimate beauty (and body) boost.

Make this easy but revitalising change to your wellness routine by incorporating a collagen supplement into your breakfast smoothie or workout shake. No complicated routine or crazy claims, just adding this essential protein back into your body to help it function at its highest level, and look its best.


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